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GeneralCaution: Do Not Hot-Plug FireWire Devices
GeneralProFire Beta Drivers Now Available for OS X 10.8
GeneralProFire 610 & 2626 Installation, Mac OS X
GeneralProFire 610 & 2626 Installation, Windows XP
GeneralProFire 610 & 2626, Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation Guide
GeneralCompleting the FireWire driver installation, Windows Vista & Windows 7
GeneralFireWire Series - Windows Vista/Windows 7 Installation
GeneralFireWire Series Installation, Mac OS X
GeneralFireWire Series Installation, Windows XP
GeneralMac OS X 10.7.4 compatibility information
GeneralFireWire Series - Installation Troubleshooting Guide
GeneralPops, clicks, crackles, dropouts, or distortion – FireWire Troubleshooting Guide
GeneralProFire 610 – Known Issues & Workarounds
GeneralError: The ASIO sample rate is not supported . . . Please check your sync settings. . .
GeneralProblems when connecting M-Audio devices to USB 3.0 ports
GeneralUnable to locate M-Audio Hardware error when launching Pro Tools M-Powered
GeneralMac OS X 10.6.8 Compatibility Information
GeneralMac OS X 10.7, 10.7.1, & 10.7.2 (Lion) Compatibility Information
GeneralMac OS X 10.7.3 Compatibility Information
GeneralFireWire Series - When to use the included power supply
GeneralWindows 7 Service Pack 1 Compatibility Information
GeneralWhy is the FireWire controller chipset important on a PC?
GeneralMaster Volume Knob Affects Headphone Volume / Headphone Port 2 Configuration
GeneralPerformance optimization (Windows XP/Vista)
GeneralAudio only records and plays back on 1 side; how do I make it stereo?
GeneralProblems with FireWire Audio Devices (Windows)
GeneralAfter initial installation using the included driver CD, my device is not recognized
General"Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" message during installation
GeneralCan M-Audio FireWire devices be connected to FW800 ports?
GeneralProFire Series Drivers cannot co-exist with FireWire Series Drivers
GeneralM-Audio Profire 610 - Advanced Output Routing
GeneralChanging to the Legacy IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Driver in Windows 7
GeneralWhat Operating System (OS) am I running?
GeneralThe selected device has no output controls (OS X)
GeneralHow to hear the same signal that’s in Headphones 1 in Headphones 2
GeneralUsing the Apple Keyboard volume control with M-Audio devices
GeneralImprove Audio performance by disabling CPU Throttling & Power Mgmt Utilities (PC)
GeneralWhy is there no “Record what you hear” function with M-Audio hardware?
GeneralFireWire Series - Known Issues & Workarounds
GeneralConfiguring Pro Tools M-Powered with M-Audio devices; customizing the I/O setup
GeneralDo not network over FireWire and use FW Audio Interfaces simultaneously
GeneralResolving the TBIA Error
GeneralProblems with Sleep (Hibernation) Mode
GeneralLoud popping- or screeching sound when powering up or down
GeneralSongs from iTunes no longer appear in Torq after moving iTunes Library
GeneralInstallation may fail in Windows due to active Firewall and/or Virus scanners
GeneralCompatible FireWire 400 Adapter Cards
GeneralTroubleshooting Audio Issues with NVIDIA graphics cards
GeneralCan I connect my M-Audio FireWire interface to a USB port with an adapter?
GeneralMac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: 32-bit vs. 64-bit
GeneralInstallation Error: This device cannot start. (Code 10)
GeneralBlue Screen/System Crash with OEM Operating System Installation
GeneralDevice not recognized or instability after installation (OS X)
GeneralInstaller Error: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. Message: Out of Disk Space - Volume "D:"; required space: 0 KB; available space: 0KB. Free some disk space and retry.
GeneralHow to setup your M-Audio sound card as the system default playback device - Mac
GeneralHow to setup your M-Audio sound card as the system default playback device - Windows
GeneralAbort Installation . . .unable to install . . . Your operating system is not supported . . .
GeneralIRQ Troubleshooting (Windows)
GeneralCan't install downloaded driver - Error: not a valid Win32 application
GeneralPerformance issues with multi-core processors (Windows XP)
GeneralMac OS X 10.6.7 Compatibility Information
GeneralProblems in combination with FW800 hard drives.
General60 Hz hum / noise in the audio, ground loop troubleshooting
GeneralFireWire 410, Standalone operation
GeneralRunning Windows on a Mac: Boot Camp / Parallels
GeneralDisconnect products before installing Operating System updates
GeneralM-Audio ProFire and FireWire Series Drivers gone after updating to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
GeneralConfiguring Apple Logic for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Sound Forge for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Ableton Live for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring FL Studio for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring GarageBand for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralAMS (Audio MIDI Setup), Audio Devices section
GeneralCan I connect multiple M-Audio FireWire Devices to the same computer?
GeneralCan I use my FireWire interface with more than one computer at a time?
GeneralConfiguring Adobe Audition 3.0 for use with M-Audio devices
Generalaggregate devices (Mac OS X)
GeneralConfiguring Cakewalk Sonar for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Propellerhead Record for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Propellerhead Reason for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralSudden loss of functionality under Windows XP Media Center Edition.
GeneralASIO Multimedia Test (Cubase/Nuendo): Sync Errors
GeneralHotplugging audio- or MIDI interfaces
GeneraliLink vs. IEEE1394 / FireWire
GeneralWindows XP 64-bit Support
GeneralConfiguring Apple MainStage for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Cubase / Nuendo for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfguring WaveLab for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralUndefined External Error - MIDI Device Recognized, but no MIDI input received
GeneralFree inTone Express applications for M-Audio and Evolution products
GeneralLower video card hardware acceleration to improve performance (Windows XP)
GeneralBuffer size set in Pro Tools does match buffer size shown in M-Audio control panel
GeneralPops and clicks with low buffer settings at high sample rates
GeneralOnly odd numbered input channels appear in Cakewalk Sonar
GeneralConfiguring Sibelius 6 for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring Reaper for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralWhat does "Beta" mean?
GeneralHow to manually uninstall Windows XP drivers.
GeneralNo sound on MIDI playback
GeneralChoppy audio when running Power DVD XP or WinDVD
GeneralMac OS X Server Operating System Compatibility
GeneralWindows Server Edition Operating System Compatibility
GeneralUnable to locate Digidesign hardware error when launching Pro Tools
GeneralPro Tools M-Powered 7.4, compatible M-Audio devices and drivers
GeneralProFire Control Panel Icon still appears in System Tray after uninstall - Windows XP
GeneralMIDI Input with Active Sensing causes Signal LEDs to light up randomly
GeneralSetting your previous sound card as the default playback device (Windows XP)
GeneralConfiguring Sony ACID Pro for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralSetting your previous sound card as the default playback device (Vista/Win 7)
GeneralConfiguring Acoustica Mixcraft for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralInstallation does not continue after restart / Windows Washer
General(Windows XP and 2000) ACPI mode vs. Standard PC mode - Which one should I use?
GeneralAvailable driver types in Windows XP / 2000
GeneralHow can I test if MIDI works? (MacOS 9)
GeneralOMS crashes on MIDI setup scan (OS 9)
GeneralPops & clicks on G3 iBook
GeneralFireWire Series, Support for Windows 98SE / ME
GeneralConfiguring Samplitude for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralUninstalling a Windows XP driver that was installed in Windows Vista
GeneralConfiguring Cool Edit Pro 2 / Adobe Audition 1.5 for use with M-Audio audio devices
GeneralUnable to install device driver - TBIA Error: Access Denied
GeneralVST System Link (VSL) compatibility
GeneralLegacy Operating System and Driver Support, MacOS 9
General"Digital Signature Not Found" message during installation in Windows 2000
GeneralSound Studio 2 is no longer supported
GeneralFireWire Series, available driver types for Mac OS X
GeneralMIDISport, Keystation or built in MIDI port listed twice in MIDI applications (MacOS 9)
GeneralMIDI routing between Cubase and Gigastudio on the same computer