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Where are the General MIDI Instruments listed in the appendix of the user guide?
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Q: How do I access the General MIDI Instruments that are listed in the appendix of the user guide for my keyboard?  Are these sounds built into my keyboard/controller?

A: The table listing the General MIDI Instrument Program Change Numbers is included as a reference because M-Audio Keyboards are capable of sending MIDI program change messages to recall these sounds in General MIDI compatible devices.  With the exception of the ProKeys Sono 61 and 88, these sounds are not built into your M-Audio keyboard/controller.  Please refer to your device's User Guide for more information on sending MIDI program change messages.

Note: This does not apply to the ProKeys Sono 61 and Sono 88 keyboards as they do have a GM sound set built-in.  Please refer to the user guide for more information on accessing these sounds.