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My USB device does not power on
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Q: My M-Audio USB device does not power on.  The power LED (if available) does not light up, and I am unable to use the device.  What should I do?

A: Most M-Audio USB devices are bus powered and do not require a separate power adapter*.  If your device does not power on, try the following to determine the source of the problem:

  • If your device has a power button/switch, toggle it off and on a couple times to make sure it isn't stuck
  • Connect the device to different USB ports
  • Test with a different USB cable
  • Disconnect the USB cable and inspect both ends for damage
  • With the USB cable disconnected, inspect the USB jack on your M-Audio for damage
  • If possible, test your device on a different computer

* The Audiophile USB, Black Box, and Fast Track Ultra 8R require the included AC adapter to power on and operate.  Users of these devices should disconnect and inspect the power cable and connection on the device for damage.  Try plugging the power adapter into a different outlet or test in a different room.  If possible, have the AC adapter tested to ensure it's functioning properly.