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Device not recognized, control panel shows "not connected" (Vista/Win7)
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Q: I installed the drivers for my M-Audio USB sound card, connected it to the computer, and (some users may have) received a message indicating that the drivers were installed successfully and that the device was ready to use; however, my device is not recognized, or functioning properly, and when I launch the control panel for my device it shows "not connected".

A: The Black Box, Fast Track USB, Fast Track Pro, MobilePre USB, Micro, Producer USB, KeyStudio 49i, Conectiv, and Xponent are all class-compliant devices; they can operate with basic functionality under Windows Vista and Windows 7 without the M-Audio driver.  In some instances, Vista will load the Microsoft-class driver instead of the M-Audio drivers.  In these cases, you should manually update the driver for your device from the Device Manager.

Manually Updating a Driver

A Fast Track Pro was used in this example, but the procedure is identical for all devices mentioned above.

1. With your M-Audio device connected to your computer and powered on, open the Device Manager.  A shortcut to the Device Manager is located in the Windows Control Panel.

2. In the Device manager, click the + next to Sound, video and game controllers to expand the list.

3. Right-click on your M-Audio device and select Properties.

4. Select the Driver tab.

If the Driver Provider is Microsoft, this means Vista is using the class-compliant driver instead of the M-Audio driver.

5. Click Update Driver

6. Click Browse my computer for driver software

7. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer


8. Click to select your M-Audio device

Note: If your M-Audio device does not appear, click "Cancel", disconnect the device, and reinstall the latest driver

9. Click Next and Windows will load the M-Audio driver for your device.

10. When you receive the message "Windows has successfully updated your driver software", click "Close".

Open the M-Audio Control Panel for your device and verify that it shows "connected", indicating that the M-Audio drivers are loaded and your device is ready to use.


Connect your speakers or headphones to your M-Audio USB Sound Card.  Configure your recording software for use with your M-Audio USB sound card; and if your software supports ASIO, be sure to select the M-Audio USB ASIO Driver.  Click here to see guides for configuring M-Audio devices with several popular recording applications.