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No MIDI in when connecting to the 15-pin soundcard gameport
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If you are using the 15-pin gameport connector to connect the keyboard, the keyboard is using the drivers of your computer's soundcard.

If it is not working, the most common problem is the soundcard's drivers rather than the keyboard.

The MIDI input driver would correspond to the MIDI in port of your sound card, so could be called something like "SBLive MIDI IN". Other cards would have driver names such as "ESS MIDI IN " or “Terratec MIDI IN". Most sound chips that come included with the computer's motherboard would rely on using the MIDI driver that comes with Windows. This driver is called the "MPU401" or "UART". If you have it showing, then you should be able to select that for input. If it is not working, or not showing. Try re-installing your soundcards drivers. Make sure you have the latest edition of the Soundcard drivers available on your Soundcard manufacturer's website.

If this does not fix the problem, it is possible you have a hardware problem. If you have a soundcard it is most likely a hardware conflict. To find out:

Go into the Device Manager.

Check under 'Sound Video and Game controllers' or 'other devices'.

If your Soundcard is listed with a yellow exclamation mark there is a problem.

Double click on the computer icon in the top left hand corner of the device Manager to find out what other devices are using the same IRQ as your Soundcard.

Disable devices you are not using that have the same IRQ number assigned as your soundcard. To do this, locate the conflicting Device in the Device Manager, right-click on it and select 'disable'.

If you are using a soundcard you have purchased separately from your computer, try disabling your on-board soundcard drivers and re-installing your soundcard drivers.