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X-Session Pro: Assigning the crossfader in Ableton Live
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This is guide will show you how to assign the crossfader on the X-Session Pro to control the crossfader in Ableton Live.

1. The first step is to make sure the X-Session Pro is recognized by Live, and activated for Remote Control.  Go to the Options Menu and select Preferences (PC), or go to the Live Menu and select Preferences (Mac).  Click on the MIDI Sync Tab.

2. Set Track and Remote to "On" for USB X-Session In1 (users will see USB Audio Device In1 if using the Windows Class Compliant drivers) and then close the Preferences Window.

3. To view Live's crossfader, go to the View Menu and click Crossfader.

4. Go to the Options Menu and select Edit MIDI Map, then click on the middle section of Live's crossfader at the bottom of the Master Track.  The crossfader is selected when the brackets appear on the corners of the box as seen below.

5. X-Session Pro’s crossfader sends “normal” (CC#17, 0-127) and “inverted” (CC#20, 127-0) MIDI data at the same time.  This feature is useful since it allows users to control two independent parameters, as well as giving you the ability to have the cross fader operate in normal or inverted mode (aka "hamster style").

For normal operation, carefully nudge the crossfader until you see 1/17 appear over Live's crossfader. 

This box indicates that Live has assigned MIDI CC 17 (MIDI CC17 is for normal operation) on MIDI Channel 1.  If you see 1/20, the crossfader will be inverted.  This assignment is also confirmed in the MIDI Mappings section.

6. To exit MIDI Mapping mode, go to the Options Menu and click Edit MIDI Map.  The X-Session Pro's crossfader is now assigned to control Ableton Live's crossfader.