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Using Conectiv and Xponent with Torq on the same computer at the same time
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Q: Is it possible to use Conectiv and Xponent with Torq, on the same computer, at the same time?  Will I lose any functionality?

A: It is possible to use both Conectiv and Xponent with Torq, on the same computer, at the same time; however, you cannot use both devices as audio devices with Torq at the same time.  This configuration requires that you only install the drivers for Conectiv and use it for all audio input and output with Torq; and that you use the Xponent as a class-compliant (plug and play) MIDI device.

Begin by installing the latest driver for Conectiv available from our drivers/updates page; if a previous driver version is installed, it must be uninstalled first.  After installing the latest drivers, connect the Conectiv to complete the driver installation.  Next, install the latest version of the Torq software*, also available on the drivers/updates page.  Once installed, launch Torq, open the Preferences Window, and on the Audio Tab, configure Torq for use with Conectiv.  Please refer to the Torq User Guide or M-Audio Knowledge Base for more information on configuring Torq's Audio Preferences.  On the MIDI Preferences Tab, make sure Auto-detect M-Audio Devices is set to ON.  This will ensure that the controls on the Xponent will be automatically mapped to the associated parameters in Torq.  Close the Preferences and quit Torq.

* Please refer to this guide for instructions on upgrading to Torq 1.5 and obtaining a Torq 1.5 serial number

Connect the Xponent to an available USB port; do not install the optional drivers for Xponent*.  Mac users can skip this next section.  IMPORTANT: When using Xponent class-compliant (i.e., without installing drivers) in Windows, the computer will search for the M-Audio DFU (device firmware upgrade tool) and display a Found New Hardware Wizard.  The M-Audio DFU is a component of Xponent that is enabled when the M-Audio drivers are installed, but is not necessary for class-compliant operation.  You have the following options:

  1. Cancel the Found New Hardware Wizard and start using Xponent immediately.

    The Found New Hardware Wizard will appear every time your computer detects that the device is
    connected (e.g. upon computer or device restart, or disconnecting/reconnecting Xponent).
  2. Follow the Found New Hardware Wizard until it gives the option not to be prompted to install this hardware

    Windows Vista Users:
    ▶ Select “Don’t show this message again for this device” in the first screen that appears.
    ▶ Click “Continue” in the confirmation screen that follows.

    Windows XP Users:
    ▶ In the first screen, select ”No, not this time” and click “Next”
    ▶ In the second screen, select “Install the software automatically” and click “Next”
    ▶ Finally, make sure the check box labeled “Don’t prompt me again to install this software” is active, then
    click Finish.

Now when you launch Torq, the software wil be configured to use Conectiv for audio input and output, and the controls on Xponent should be automatically mapped to the corresponding parameters in Torq.