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MIDI Keyboard controller Sustain & Expression pedal compatibility
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Q: Which sustain and expression pedals are compatible with M-Audio keyboards?

A: Most aftermarket sustain pedals (e.g. M-Audio's SP-1 and SP-2) are equipped with a switch that allows you to change the pedal's operation mode.  Sustain pedals with this polarity switch should work with M-Audio MIDI keyboards.  For Series II MIDI devices, the polarity of the sustain pedal is determined by the keyboard when it is powered up.  On power up, the sustain pedal is assumed to be in the OFF position.  So, if you want the sustain pedal to be off when it is unpressed, make sure the pedal is unpressed when you power up.  If the sustain pedal works "the wrong way around" although the pedal wasn't pressed on power-up, turn your keyboard off again and then power it on while holding the sustain pedal down. This will reverse it's polarity.  Yamaha sustain pedals are not compatible with M-Audio keyboards.

Sustain pedals without a polariy switch cannot be used with older M-Audio keyboards including Keystation 49 (non "e"), Keystation 61 (non "es), Oxygen8, and Radium Series keyboards.

The M-Audio EX-P, and Roland expression pedals are compatible with M-Audio keyboards that feature an Expression Pedal Input, including Keystation Pro 88, Ozonic, ProKeys 88, ProKeys 88sx, Axiom, and Axiom Pro series keyboards.  Yamaha expression pedals are not compatible with M-Audio keyboards.