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Blue screen in Windows 2000 when connecting class compliant Keystation Series devices
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Q: I'm running Windows 2000 and every time I plug in my Keystation 49e, 61es, 88es or Pro88 it crashes the system! How can I fix this?

A: If you connected your class compliant M-Audio controller Keyboard before running the Win2K driver patch, a crash will occur.

Windows 2000 does not support class-compliant MIDI devices. The crash occurs as Win2000 installs the USBAUDIO.SYS driver it believes will support the keyboard. This driver does not support MIDI devices. It is necessary to install the Windows 2000 driver for your Keystation series keyboard before you connect it to your computer.

Here is what to do:

1) Make sure the keyboard is not switched on
2) Log in to Windows 2000 as Administrator (or other Admin user)
3) Download the latest Windows 2000 driver for your Keyboard from our website.
4) Unzip the USB drivers into a folder on your hard drive (e.g. C:\Temp)
5) Run the installation patch and follow instructions
6) When this is complete, switch on the keyboard
7) WAIT a few moments until the keyboard is recognized and the messages boxes appear.
8) Windows will ask for the Keystation Installer CD-ROM.
9) Specify the folder you have unziped the drivers in to.
10) Windows will install the USB driver, but asks for the Keystation Installer CD-ROM again to install the MIDI driver.
11) Again, specify the directory you have unziped the drivers to.

This document does not apply to the older "non-class compliant" Keystation 49 (no "e") and Keystation 61 (no "es"), Radium Series Keyboards and the Oxygen 8 controller keyboard.