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Unknown Device Error when connecting M-Audio USB device
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When I connect my M-Audio device I receive an error that I've connected an "Unknown Device"; in the device manager my M-Audio device appears as "Unknown Device".  What should I do?

  • Try connecting the device to different USB ports
  • If your device is connected to a USB hub, try connecting it directly to ports on the computer.  Alternatively, if the device isn't being recognized on the built-in ports, try connecting to a USB hub
  • Test with a different USB cable
  • Disable USB Power Management
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 users: Go to the Windows Control Panel>Power Options, and select High performance as the "Preferred Plan"
    • Also click Change plan settings, then click Change advanced power settings.  Expand USB settings and then USB selective suspend setting and change the setting to "Disabled", then click OK
  • Test the device on a different computer