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Logitech Webcam Conflict - USB Audio or MIDI device is not recognized by Windows
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Q.  My USB Audio device or MIDI controller is recognized by not sending MIDI data to the computer, or is not recognized at all on my Windows PC.

A.  Do you have a Logitech USB camera?  If so, uninstall your M-Audio device’s driver, then uninstall the Logitech camera driver, shutdown the system, and disconnect your Logitech camera and the M-Audio device.  Next, reboot the system and reinstall your M-Audio device’s driver and re-connect the M-Audio device.  After your M-Audio device is installed and working, you should be able to reinstall the Logitech camera.

If your M-Audio device is still not recognized, see this forum thread for a suggested work around to this conflict.

If you do not have a Logitech USB camera installed on your computer refer to these FAQ's: