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Delta Series, Multi-card setup
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Syncing two Delta Series cards together

Pro Tools M-Powered does not support the use of more than 1 interface at a time.

Configuring two or more Delta cards together can be done by linking the cards together through the use of external hardware lock via a 75-Ohm RCA SPDIF cable to allow synchronization between the cards.

Note: Delta 44 cards are not supported in multi-card setups because they do not have the S/PDIF connection necessary for synchronization

Known Issues: Multi-card configurations are not currently supported with driver versions 5069v3 and later.

The Basics:

When linking Delta cards, one card sends the master clock signal.  The rest of the cards that are synced must receive signal from the card sending the signal.  The S/PDIF connections on the sound cards are color coded for in and out.  On the Delta series sound cards, the out is white and the in is red.  SPDIF cables can be obtained from any Music Industry store or Home Stereo store.

Note that the S/PDIF connections on the Delta Audiophile 192 are both orange, but are labeled accordingly (I=in, O=out).

Note about SPDIF cables, these cables are not the same type of cabling used for analog audio, the internal resistance of the cable is different than for analog audio. Although analog RCA may appear to work, it is not reliable. Examples of SPDIF cables can be found at www.hosatech.com

1. Connect the 75-Ohm cable from the out S/PDIF connection of the card sending master clock to the in connection of the receiving card.  Each additional card must be hooked in a daisy chain type of configuration.

If a Delta Audiophile 192 card is part of your setup, make sure to use this card as the last device in the synchronization chain.

2. Open the M Audio Delta Control Panel. The installed sound cards will appear down the right hand side of the panel. Select the card sending master clock.

3. On the Hardware settings tab of the master card select “Internal Xtal” for the “Master Clock setting”.  In the “MultiTrack Driver Devices”, please select “Single and In-Sync”.

4. On the Hardware settings tab of all other synced cards, select “S/PDIF in” for the “Master Clock setting”.  In the “MultiTrack Driver Devices”, please select “Single and In-Sync”.

After these steps are taken, the hardware is configured for use.  The only step left is setting up your application to use the additional card(s).