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USB Audio Series – Known Issues & Workarounds
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This article documents known issues and workarounds for M-Audio USB Audio Series devices.  If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please check our Knowledge Base for a solution. For additional assistance, contact tech support, or check our User Forum.
Issue: ASIO Sample Rate Not Supported Error Message
Workaround: Set the built-in sound card as the system default playback device from the Windows Control Panel.
Issue: TBIA errors on Windows.
Workaround: See these FAQ’s.
Issue: Power Spikes/Fluctuations can cause the device to go offline and stop communicating with the computer. Audio input and output will stop functioning.
Workaround: There is no definitive workaround. Recommendations include using a power conditioner/surge protector; using a USB cable w/ ferrite bead; keeping all power supplies, neon & fluorescent lights, and other EMI emitting devices away from Conectiv; and connecting other DJ and lighting equipment to a separate circuit when possible.

ProKeys Sono 61/88

Issue: Firmware Updater does not work on Windows 7 or with latest driver releases.
Fixed: Updated firmware installers that are copmnatibile with the latest driver releases are now available:


Transit USB

Issue: WDM/MME output does not work after initial installation or subsequent restarts, or after being used with Pro Tools or other ASIO applications.
Fixed: This issue is fixed in driver version 6.0.4/5142 whic is available on our drivers/updates page here.
Issue: 44.1 & 48k Sample Rates cannot be used if either input or output is disabled. Disabling input or output is required to use 88.2 & 96k sample rates, however, 44.1 & 48k should still be available.
Workaround: None; you must enable both input and output in order to use the Transit USB at 44.1 or 48k.

Issue: Changing the sample rate or active inputs/outputs results in crackling or popping through the Transit USB’s outputs.
Workaround: None.
Issue: Mac OS X systems may take an additional 20 seconds to shut down when the Transit USB drivers are installed.
Fixed: This issue was resolved in driver version 1.8.1 and above.  Please visit www.m-audio.com/drivers to download the latest driver for your operating system.
Issue: The left mouse button does not always transmit a message that the button was released when it is released. When this happens, the Xponent touchpad and computer mouse behave as if the button is still held down, therefore enabling a “click and drag”. This seems to happen more often when the left mouse button on Xponent is pressed rapidly.
Workaround: Click and release again.