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Macintosh drivers types for M-Audio USB audio devices
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Q: Which Macintosh drivers are available for the M-Audio USB Audio Series?

Mac OS 9: Devices shipping with Mac OS9 drivers support Apple Sound Manager (2 Stereo In/Out, 16Bit, max 48kHz) and can also be used with ASIO drivers (except for Sonica). In ASIO mode, all available inputs and outputs are accessible (except Sonica Theater, limitation to 2 Inputs and 6 Outputs in ASIO mode) and Sample Rates / Bit Depths up to 96kHz/24Bit are available (exception: the MobilePre USB hardware allows a maximum Sample Rate/Bit Depth of 48kHz/16Bit). Built in MIDI ports (where applicable) are addressed through an OMS driver.
The M-Audio FastTrack, FastTrack Pro, Black Box and Jam Lab are not supported in MacOS 9.

Mac OS X: In MacOS X, Core Audio drivers and CoreMIDI drivers (for devices with a MIDI port) are available. All Inputs-/Outputs are accessible.

USB bandwidth limitations may limit the number of available Inputs-/Outputs depending on the Sample Rate/Bit Depth used – see I/O limitations for USB audio). M-Audio USB audio devices cannot be used in the OS X classic mode (running Mac OS9 within Mac OS X.