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Windows XP 64-bit Support
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Q: Are Avid M-Audio Products supported under Windows XP-64bit?

A: No.  Avid M-Audio resources are invested in recent and upcoming 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  Due to our developmental focus, we are not planning any updates to our current XP 64-bit drivers.  If 64-bit operation is essential, we recommend that users migrate to one of these operating systems for ongoing support.

Windows XP 64bit beta drivers for the Delta 44, Delta 66, Delta 1010LT, Delta 1010, Audiophile 2496, Audiophile 192, and Delta 410, FireWire 410, FireWire 1814, ProjectMix I/O, FireWire Audiophile, FireWire Solo, NRV-10, Ozonic, ProFire LightBridge, Revolution 5.1, and Revolution 7.1 can still be downloaded from the respective links below.

Note: There will be no further support or development for Windows XP-64.

Windows XP 64 Delta BETA Driver Download

Windows XP 64 FireWire BETA Driver Download

Windows XP 64 Revo 5.1 BETA Driver Download

Windows XP 64 Revo 7.1 BETA Driver Download