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Pro Tools doesn't use the ProjectMix I/O's Master Fader
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Q: I am using the ProjectMix I/O as a control surface for Pro Tools. The ninth fader (or master fader) on the ProjectMix I/O does not seem to function.

A: Pro Tools uses the Mackie HUI protocol to communicate with control surfaces including the ProjectMix I/O. The original HUI hardware has 8 faders and no dedicated master fader. Since the ProjectMix I/O simulates the operation of a HUI control surface when used with Pro Tools, it will be restricted by the same limitations as when using the original HUI hardware.

However, any of the ProjectMix I/O’s 8 channel faders can be used to control any master track you may have created in Pro Tools. The order of the visual appearance of channels within Pro Tools’ will be reflected by the ProjectMix I/O – regardless if these are audio, aux, MIDI or master tracks. Use the Bank buttons (<< / >>) to reach channels beyond channel 8 or visually move your Master Track within the Pro Tools arrange- or mix window to change the position of the corresponding fader on the ProjectMix I/O.