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Midisport 1x1, Windows 98 SE / Windows ME installation
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Installation Instructions for Windows 98 Second Edition / Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

Do not connect the Midisport 1x1 to your computer yet! The driver should be installed first!

If this is the first time you install the Midisport 1x1 on your computer, please skip the uninstallation instructions and go to step 3 of this guide

1. If a Midisport 1x1 driver is currently installed on your system, it will need to be removed before a new driver can be installed. Please click "Start | Programs | M-Audio Midisport 1x1 | Uninstall Midisport 1x1" and follow the instructions on screen.

2. All driver files are being removed from your computer. Once "Uninstall complete" is displayed, click "Close".

3. Download the latest Midisport 1x1 driver from the M-Audio driver download page and save it to your Desktop. Double-click the downloaded driver installation file. The following screen will be displayed. Click "Next".

4. In the next screen of the setup program, you will be asked to connect your Midisport 1x1 to your computer. Click "Finish" and connect the Midisport 1x1 to your computer.

IMPORTANT: Connect the Midisport 1x1 directly to your computer! Do not use a USB hub - at least not during installation. If you run into any problems during the installation procedure, try a different USB port on your computer and/or check in your Computer's BIOS if the USB port you are connecting to is configured to be able to run in USB 1.1 mode. See your computer's mainboard's documentation for instructions on this. Also, you need to have Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows Millennium Edition (ME) to use USB MIDI devices like the M-Audio Midisport 1x1. The original release of Windows 98 (without the addendum Second Edition) is not supported.

5. Windows will detect that the Midisport 1x1 has been connected to your computer and will automatically copy all the necessary files. Although this is not always necessary, you may want to restart your computer to ensure proper operation.

This completes the driver installation and the Midisport 1x1 is now ready to use.

Connect the 1x1's MIDI input to the MIDI output of your MIDI keyboard or controller.
Connect the 1x1's MIDI output to the MIDI input of your sound module or MIDI keyboard with built in sounds.