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Axiom Pro HyperControl Configuration for Pro Tools SE
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HyperControl for Axiom Pro is built into Pro Tools SE.  No additional software installation is required.

HyperControl Configuration for Pro Tools:

  1. Launch Pro Tools SE
  2. Select Preferences from the File Menu (PC) or the Pro Tools SE Menu (Mac)
  3. Select the Control Surfaces tab
  4. Click the "MIDI Control Surface 1" drop-down menu and select "M-Audio Keyboard"
  5. Click the "Receive From" drop-down menu and select "Axiom Pro, HyperControl In"*
  6. Click the "Send To" drop-down menu and select "Axiom Pro HyperControl Out"*
  7. Make sure that "8" is selected in the "# Ch's" drop-down menu and click "OK" to close the window

* These MIDI port names will display the number of keys, based on the Axiom Pro model you use: 25, 49 or 61.  When using Axiom Pro with the Microsoft class-complaint drivers, the HyperControl port will not appear by name; in this case, select In 2 and Out 2 for Send To and Receive From as these are the HyperControl ports.

Your Axiom Pro keyboard will be in HyperControl mode and ready to control Pro Tools.  For more information on controlling Pro Tools with your Axiom Pro, please refer to the HyperControl for Pro Tools user guide.