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Sudden loss of functionality under Windows XP Media Center Edition.
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Q: I installed my M-Audio interface on my Windows XP Media Center Edition PC, and it worked fine for several days/weeks. Now my M-Audio interface is behaving erratically, or not functioning properly at all.  What is causing this sudden change in performance?

A: At this time, no M-Audio device is supported under Windows XP Media Center Edition (WMCE).  Further details on this situation can be found here.

Even if you manage to get your M-Audio device to work properly under WMCE, this does not mean that your device will continue to give reliable and stable performance indefinitely under these unsupported circumstances.  Our own internal testing, as well as user feedback, has shown that the device performance issues encountered under WMCE can be as unpredictable as the situation described above.  In other words, when using an unsupported device under WMCE, the timing and nature of the errors you may encounter vary widely from one WMCE system to another.