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Can I Program my M-Audio controller to send custom SysEx messages?
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System Exclusive (SysEx) messages were defined in the MIDI specification to allow control of individual devices via MIDI. The format of SysEx messages allows virtually any function to be performed via MIDI if the receiving device can read and translate the message. This allows devices to send audio sample memory data, memory dumps, controller settings, and much more.  It also allows the controllers of one device to be controlled by another.

It is not possible to program your own specified SysEx message into M-Audio controllers. However, several useful SysEx messages are pre-programmed into the keyboard. They can be accessed by assigning the appropriate MIDI controller number to a control (refer to your device’s user guide for more information).

While it is not possible to program the controls on your M-Audio keyboard with your own SysEx messages, there are software applications that can receive a MIDI input signal and translate it into a different, user-specified message. You can program your custom SysEx messages into the translator software, and then translate the incoming data from the keyboard to your custom SysEx message.