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Important information for class-compliant operation
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Windows XP/Vista users: Important information for class-compliant operation

IMPORTANT: When using a KeyStudio 49i or ProKeys Sono 61/88 class-compliant (i.e., without installing drivers) in Windows, the computer will search for the M-Audio DFU (device firmware upgrade tool) and display a Found New Hardware Wizard. The M-Audio DFU is a component of the KeyStudio 49 & ProKeys Sono keyboards that is enabled when the M-Audio drivers are installed, but is not necessary for class-compliant operation. You have the following options:

  1. Cancel the Found New Hardware Wizard and start using device immediately.  The Found New Hardware Wizard will appear every time your computer detects that the device is connected (e.g. upon restarting the computer or disconnecting/reconnecting the device).
  2. Follow the Found New Hardware Wizard until it gives the option not to be prompted to install this hardware again.
    Windows Vista Users:
    • Select “Don’t show this message again for this device” in the first screen that appears.
    • Click “Continue” in the confirmation screen that follows.
    Windows XP Users:
    • In the first screen, select ”No, not this time” and click “Next”
    • In the second screen, select “Install the software automatically” and click “Next”
    • Finally, make sure the check box labeled “Don’t prompt me again to install this software” is active, then click Finish.
  3. Install the M-Audio drivers as described in the “Driver Installation” section of the Quick Start Guide.  After these drivers have been installed, the Found New Hardware Wizard for the M-Audio DFU will no longer be displayed.