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How to reset Axiom Series keyboards
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Q: How do I reset my Axiom keyboard?

A: To reset your Axiom 25, 49, or 61, hold down the + and - buttons simultaneously when powering up the device.

Your Axiom keyboard ships from the factory with an extended set of 20 unique presets. After resetting the device by holding down +/- while powering up, the initial (built-in) presets 1-5 are restored and repeated over preset slots 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20.  You can restore all 20 unique factory presets by using M-Audio’s free Enigma editor/librarian software.

In Enigma, select the default bank of presets for your Axiom model (25, 49, or 61).  Click the 3rd arrow button; the one with 2 arrows on PC, or the one pointing straight up on Mac to send all 20 default presets to your Axiom.  'SYS' should flash on the Axiom's display while receiving the data.  When it stops flashing, press "Recall", if all groups, A, B, C, and D (49 & 61 only) are not active, simultaneously press all group buttons.  Then use the +/- buttons to recall Preset 1 (P01) to make sure the new settings are active.