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OMS configuration, MIDISport Series, MacOS 9
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Part I: Installing OMS and the Midisport Drivers


1.Before beginning, please make sure that you quit all applications. Once all applications are closed, install OMS by double-clicking on the INSTALL OMS 2.3.7 icon. This can be found inside the folder labeled, "OMS 2.3.7," which is on the Midiman/M Audio DRIVERS CD.
2.Do an Easy Install by double-clicking on the INSTALL button, leaving the defaults as is. If Opcode asks if you have a Studio 3 or 4, answer "no," unless you actually own that particular interface.
3.Go back to the Midiman/M Audio DRIVERS CD and open up the Midisport folder that corresponds to your Midisport (1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8).
4.Double-click on the MIDISPORT INSTALLER icon. After a successful installation of the Midisport drivers, click "Quit."
5.Reboot your computer. You are now ready to configure OMS.

Part II: Configuring OMS

1.Go to the Chooser under the Apple Menu and make sure that Appletalk is turned off.
2.Go to your Opcode folder which is on your Hard Drive.
3.Open up the OMS Applications Folder.
4.Double-click on OMS SETUP.
5.The CREATE A NEW STUDIO SETUP dialog box now appears. Click OK.
6.The OMS DRIVER SEARCH window now appears asking you where you want OMS to search. Because the Midisport is a USB device, leave PRINTER and MODEM blank and click SEARCH.
7.The Midisport will show up along with a few other things OMS has found (Quicktime, IAC, etc.). Click OK.
8.Enable all the ports by clicking the checkboxes associated with all the available output ports.
9.Save the studio as "My Studio Setup" or anything you wish to call it.
10.Pull down the STUDIO menu and execute TEST STUDIO.

11.Drag the cursor over the one of the keyboard icons. It will turn into an eighth-note. Click the eighth note on the keyboard icon. The "OUT A" light on the Midisport should light up once for every click. Do the same for the other keyboard icons (if you have a 2x2, 4x4, or 8x8) and notice that Out B or C will light up respectively to whatever keyboard icon you click.
12.If you have a MIDI controller plugged into the Midisport, play a note on it. Your Macintosh should say to you, "MIDI received" if you have the volume on your Macintosh turned up.
Your Midisport is now properly set up for use on your Macintosh with OMS.