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Xponent configuration, Windows
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Xponent configuration for Windows XP and Windows Vista

Xponent is designed to work with Torq "out of the box".  This means you can simply install the Xponent drivers*, install and run the Torq software, and you're ready to go.  All of the knobs, buttons, sliders, and wheels on Xponent will be automatically assigned to control their corresponding on-screen controls and application behaviors.  No further configuration is necessary.

* See the following Xponent driver installation guides for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Here is how Torq's audio preferences should be configured (by default) on Windows XP and Windows Vista:

With M-Audio USB ASIO selected as the Audio Interface; the Master Output should be assigned to Analog 1/2 Xponent (1) -- Analog 1/2 Xponent (2); and the Cue Output should be assigned to Analog 3/4 Xponent (1) -- Analog 3/4 Xponent (2).

If any of Xponents knobs, buttons, sliders, or wheels do not control their corresponding on-screen control, try Resetting the Default MIDI Map for Xponent in Torq.

For more information on using the Xponent or Torq, visit the Torq-DJ Forum and check out the free tutorial videos.