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Apple G5 / PCI-X Delta Compatibility
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Apple G5 compatibility

Q: Which Delta cards have been redesigned to be compatible with Apple's G5?

A: The Delta cards upgraded include Audiophile 2496, Delta 1010, Delta 44, Delta 66, and Delta 1010LT.  Newer Delta Series designs like the Audiophile 192 are only available in the PCI-X compatible version.

Note: please click here for more information on which Apple G5 systems are compatible with the Delta series.

Note: Intel Mac Pro and late model DualCore PowerMac G5 owners click here.

Note: users with PCI-X equipped Windows PCs should click here for important info.

Q: Are there plans to upgrade any other Delta cards?

A: Sorry, no.

Q: How do the new G5-compatible cards differ from the originals?

A: The original versions of M-Audio Delta cards operated on 5 volts as supplied by the original PCI bus standard. The newly revised and/or upgraded cards are designed to be powered from the 3.3-volt standard intrinsic to the 64-bit PCI-X standard and all G5s.

Q: Will the redesigned cards work on older Macs (G3 & G4)?

A: Yes. On-board sensing technology will also allow the newer G5-compatible Delta cards to be backwards compatible to work in 32-bit 5-volt PCI systems.

Q: Will the redesigned cards work on all Windows machines?

A: Yes, all revised M-Audio cards will also be compatible with current and next generation Windows machines.