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Mac OS X 10.6.8 Compatibility Information
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Mac OS X 10.6.8 Compatibility Information – Updated October 29th 2012
Apple has now released the OS X 10.6.8 update to the Mac operating system.  At this time M-Audio Devices and Drivers are not qualified for use on 10.6.8. Please check for a compatible driver before installing operating system updates. Before new device drivers are released, they are tested for use with operating system versions that are available at that time. When updates for an operating system are released, all M-Audio device drivers have to be re-tested and possibly updated to ensure proper operation. We recommend not installing operating system updates until a driver has been posted for that specific operating system. Please check this article for up-to-date information about device qualification.
Before installing operating system updates, it is important to perform a complete system back, such as with Apple’s Time Machine.  It is also important to disconnect your M-Audio device before installing any Operating System update.
Officially Qualified
The following devices and add-ons are qualified for use on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Please visit www.m-audio.com/drivers to download the latest updates. It is only necessary to install the latest version; DO NOT install previous versions.
Audiophile USB
Axiom Pro 25/49/61 Firmware Updater
FireWire Audiophile
FireWire Solo
FireWire 410
FireWire 1814
KeyStudio 49i
M-Audio Black Box
Micro USB
Ozone USB
Producer USB
ProFire Lightbridge
ProFire 610
ProFire 2626
ProjectMix I/O
ProKeys Sono 61
ProKeys Sono 88
Pro Tools SE 8.0.3 - Patch 003
Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.0.3
Torq 2.0.2
Transit USB
If you have already updated your operating system, or if you purchased a new computer that had 10.6.8 pre-installed, please share any feedback or compatibility issues in this discussion thread in the public beta section of our user forum:

Please visit http://forums.m-audio.com/register.php to register and create an account. Immediately after submitting your registration you should receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to activate your account; if you don't see it, check your spam/bulk e-mail folder. If after 10 minutes you have not received this e-mail; contact us and we can manually activate your account. If you are trying to post or download files and are getting logged out automatically, check the box "remember me" when logging in.

The following USB MIDI devices are class-compliant (plug & play); their drivers are part of the Mac Operating System and do not require additional drivers.  Simply connect the device to an available USB port:

Axiom 25, 49, 61
Axiom 25, 49, 61 (2nd gen)
Axiom Pro 25, 49, 61
eKeys/eKeys 49
Keystation Pro 88
Keystation 49e, 61es, 88es
KeyStudio 25, 49
KeyRig 25, 49
Oxygen 8v2, 49, 61 (silver)
Oxygen 25/49/61/88 (blue)
MidAir 25/37
MIDISport Uno (current model)
MIDISport 1x1 (black top)
MIDISport 2x2 & 4x4 Anniversary Edition
MK-225, 249, 361
MK-249c, 361c, 425c
MK-449c, 461c
ProKeys 88, 88sx
Trigger Finger
UC-16, 33, 33e
X-Session Pro
X-Session UC-17