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Q: I used up all of my computers built-in USB ports. Can I use a USB hub to connect my M-Audio device to my computer?

A: Do not use a USB hub during the driver installation!  Install the drivers with M-Audio USB device connected directly to your Computer’s USB ports without using a hub.  Once the drivers are installed and verified that your M-Audio interface works as expected that way, you can test the device with a USB hub to see if it still works properly.  Most USB hubs we've tested worked fine with MIDISport Series products and USB MIDI Keyboard controllers.  When using a USB audio device on a USB hub, keep in mind that all devices that are connected to the same hub have to share the native USB port's bandwidth.  This means that it is more likely to run into problems when the bandwidth limit of the USB port is reached.

If you experience any problems, you should use the device without the USB hub.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new USB hub, we recommend using a powered USB 2.0 hub that uses it’s own power supply.  We've had very good experiences with powered USB hubs by “Griffin Technologies” and “Dr. Bott”.