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I am getting double notes recorded/triggered with my M-Audio USB MIDI controller
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Q: When recording with my M-Audio USB MIDI controller, I get double notes (two notes recorded at approximately the same time).

A: There are a few things that can cause this behavior.  See the suggestions below.

If your keyobard has a USB and a standard 5-pin MIDI output, do not use both.  The USB controllers will transmit MIDI over USB, and simultaneously connecting with a standard MIDI cable to your sound card or other interface will result in double MIDI data being sent.

If your keyboard has multiple zones (Axiom, Axiom Pro, Oxygen 88, Keystation Pro 88), make sure that only 1 zone is active; or if you are attempting to split/layer the sound, make sure the tracks in your software are set to receive on specific MIDI channels.  With multiple zones active, the keyboard is sending data on multiple MIDI channels simultaneously.  Some software defaults to receiving MIDI on all channels, which can result in both zones triggering or recording data on one track.

If you are using Axiom Pro HyperControl or Axiom (2nd gen) DirectLink with Cubase, double MIDI data may be received from the standard MIDI input port and the HyperControl/DirectLink MIDI port.  To preven this, go to the Cubase Device Setup and select MIDI Port Setup.  Un-check the box for Axiom Pro HyperControl In/Axiom DirectLink In (If the ports do not appear by name, the HyperControl/DirectLink ports are the second ports) for the "In All MIDI Inputs column.  This will prevent the control surface data from the keyboard from controlling unintended parameters and triggering double notes.