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Recommended procedure for updating to Torq 1.5
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Below is the recommended procedure for updating to Torq 1.5:

Users updating Torq 1.5 should uninstall the current version of Torq first.

Windows users: Go to Start>Programs>M-Audio>Torq and choose Uninstall.

Mac users: Drag the Torq Application folder to the trash.

For all Operating Systems, once the previous version of Torq is removed, install Torq 1.5.  It is not necessary to delete any preferences or database files.

Analyzing Songs:
Songs analyzed on Torq 1.0.7 - do not need to be re-analyzed.
Songs analyzed with Torq 1.0.6 or ealier - DO need to be reanalyzed before they can be played in Torq 1.5*

*Note: All quick cue and loop points will be lost.

To analyze files:
Loading a song to a deck will cause the file to be re-analyzed.

You can also select an individual song or group of songs, right-click and choose Analyze to re-analyze the selected song(s). 
Note: Right-clicking a folder and selecting analyze or analyze recursively will NOT re-analyze songs that have existing TQD's.  You MUST delete the TQD files FIRST if you want to use this method.

To delete all .tqd files* so you can then choose to analyze recursively in Torq:

Windows users:
Press F3 and search for *.tqd
Select all .tqd files
Delete them

Mac users:
Use Spotlight or the Finder to search for .tqd
Select all .tqd files
Delete them