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Keystation 49e/61es/88es, KeyRig 49, KeyStudio 49 - Changing MIDI Channels
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MIDI data from the Keystation 49e, 61es, 88es, KeyStudio 49, and KeyRig 49 can be sent on any of 16 MIDI Channels. However, certain MIDI devices and MIDI software applications require the keyboard to send data on a specified channel. If this is the case, you can change the channel the data is sent using the following method:

  • Press the Advanced Functions button to engage Edit Mode.
  • Press one of the 16 Channel keys from D1 to E3, according to the Channel that you need.

For example, if a device specifies that you need to send data on Channel 10, press the Advanced Functions button, and then key F2 to select Channel 10.

The Channel can also be assigned to the Octave “+” and “-” buttons. Once assigned, pressing “+” or “-” will increase or decrease the channel incrementally. When Channel 16 is reached and “+” is pressed, Channel 1 will be selected. If the Octave “+” and “-” keys are selected to vary the Channel, the lights above the buttons will not change, since it is not possible to have a Channel with a negative value. Pressing both the “+” and “-” buttons together will recall Channel 1.