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Keystation 61es, Windows 2000 installation
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Attention: This document applies to the M-Audio Keystation 61es ONLY. The installation procedure for the older "Midiman Keystation 61" (without "es") is different. If you have a Midiman Keystation 61, please look for the "Keystation Classic, Windows 2000 installation" FAQ.


Do not connect the M-Audio Keystation 61es to your computer yet! The driver installer should be run first!

1. Download the latest Keystation 61es driver for Windows 2000 from the M-Audio driver download site and save it to your desktop.

2. The file you are downloading is a compressed file in "Zip" format. This means that you need Winzip or another compatible compression program to use the downloaded file. This guide will use Winzip for the extraction process.

3. Open the downloaded file with Winzip. Click the "Extract" button once you see the following screen:

4. In the window that opens, browse to your Desktop and click the "Extract" button.

5. A new folder named "Keystation Drivers" will appear on the desktop. Open this folder and you will be looking at the list of files shown below. Locate and double-click the file "Drivers_Install.exe" to start the installation.

6. A message will be displayed asking you to turn off your M-Audio Keystation. Make sure it is turned off, then click OK.

7. Another window will open that informs you that you will need the Keystation CD-ROM to continue. Since this driver was downloaded from the web, the CD is not needed, but we will have to tell the computer where the required files are located (see next step). Please connect the Keystation 61es to a USB port on your computer and turn it on.

IMPORTANT: There are two types of USB ports, USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 but they look exactly the same. The M-Audio Keystation 61es is a USB 1.1 device and needs to be connected to a USB 1.1 compatible port. Most USB 2.0 ports can operate in USB 1.1 mode, but sometimes it is necessary to activate this functionality in your computer's BIOS. Besides that, you need to have Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (or higher) installed. If you run into any problems, try a different USB port on your computer and/or check if the USB port you are connecting to is configured to be able to run in USB 1.1 mode. See your computer's mainboard's documentation for instructions on this.

8. After connecting and powering up the Keystation 61es, the following screen will open. Click "OK".

9. In the next screen, you will need to specify where the needed files can be found. This is necessary since the installation isn't being done from the Keystation 61es CD as mentioned further above. Click on the "Browse" button.

10. Browse to your Desktop and the open the new "Keystation drivers" folder that was created earlier during the installation process. If you are in the correct folder, you should see a file named "EVOLUSB". Select it and click "Open".

11. Click "OK" when brought back to the "Files Needed" screen.

12. At various points in this installation process, you may see a "Digital Signature Not Found" message. Always click “Yes” to proceed with the installation.

13. Another file is needed and you will see a very similar message as in step 9 of this guide. Please repeat steps 9 through 12. This completes the Keystation 61es driver installation.