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Layer Mode on the ProKeys Sono 88
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Entering Layer Mode: The first voice button you press selects the main voice.  While holding this down you press a second voice button which selects the layer voice.

Controls in Layer Mode: The Voice Volume Knob, Reverb Button, and Chorus Button apply to the Layer Voice only during Layer Mode.  This allows you to control these aspects of the Layer Voice in real time during Layer Mode operation.  The Reverb and Chorus LEDs show the status for the Layer Voice.

--This allows you to layer something such as Piano+Strings and then fade the Strings down to balance it or perform with it in real time.

Voice Volumes in Layer Mode: Upon entering Layer Mode the current position of the Voice Volume is sent to the Layer Voice. This means whenever you enter Layer Mode, both main and layer voices are initially set to the same level.  This works really well if you enter Layer Mode with the Voice Volume control at max.  You can then turn down the Layer Voice.  However, if you enter Layer Mode with the Voice Volume low or at minimum, you won't be able to change the volume of the main voice.