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Free inTone Express applications for M-Audio and Evolution products
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Audiffex, previously called DSound, is a software company specializing in multimedia development, developing audio effects, host applications, audio players and recorders and special solutions.  Free "Express" versions of the software listed below are available for anybody owning an M-Audio or Evolution product.  To download this free software, please visit the Express Products Download Page.  For more information on the full versions, click the links below.

inTone | Guitar: Open built in effects and 3rd party plug-ins. Play & Record. Preloaded with sounds of many styles. More sounds in the preset database online.

 inTone | Bass: Open built in effects and 3rd party plug-ins. Special bass presets. More presets in the sound database online.

 inTone | Keys: Layering, zones, multiple keyboards, external sound modules. All in one system.

 inTone | Matrix: Software replacement of patchbays and effect racks.

All Audiffex software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (Power PC & Intel Macs), including OS X 10.5 Leopard.  You don't need a serial number, but the applications work only if M-Audio or Evolution hardware is connected.