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Configuring ProFire 2626 for independent control of headphones and master outs
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This guide will show you how to configure the ProFire 2626 to have independent volume control over Headphones 1 and Headphones 2, as well as independent control for your speakers. Headphone Out 1 mirrors Analog Outputs 1/2, and Headphone Out 2 mirrors Analog Outputs 3/4. By default the Master Volume Knob affects all outputs.

Start by powering off and disconnecting your speakers. Next, launch the ProFire Control Panel from the Windows Control Panel or System Tray, or from Apple’s System Preferences. On the Settings Tab, in the Master Volume Knob section, deselect all outputs except Analog Out 5/6. This prevents the Master Volume Knob from affecting the headphones, which mirror Analog Out 1/2 & 3/4. Connect your speakers to outputs 5/6 on the back of the ProFire 2626.

On the Router Tab, configure Analog Outs 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6.  If you want the same signal sent to each, select Software Return 1/2 (pictured below).  You can configure these any way you'd like and still retain independent volume control over each.

You will now have independent volume control for your speakers and both headphone outputs.