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Does my M-Audio or Evolution MIDI keyboard/control surface have its own sounds?
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Q: Does my M-Audio or Evolution MIDI keyboard/controller have its own sounds?

A: With the exception of the Venom, KeyStudio 49i, DCP-200, DCP-300, and our ProKeys line of stage pianos (88, 88sx, Sono 61and 88), all M-Audio and Evolution MIDI keyboards and control surfaces (including the Trigger Finger) are designed to be true dedicated MIDI controllers, which means they send MIDI data only.  MIDI data is NOT audio data, so these keyboards and control surfaces are not capable of outputting audio of any kind.  Dedicated MIDI controllers are designed to send MIDI control data to your computer or MIDI-compatible audio hardware.  It is your computer or MIDI-compatible hardware that actually produces audio in response to the MIDI control data from you keyboard or controller.