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Configuring FL Studio for use with M-Audio devices
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This guide will provide a quick walkthrough on how to setup your M-Audio audio and MIDI devices in FL Studio.

Before proceeding, you must install the latest drivers for your device.

1. Launch FL Studio

2. Select Audio Settings from the Options menu

3. Select the M-Audio ASIO driver for your device

Note: FL Studio may identify your M-Audio device by Series (USB, FW/FireWire, Delta), and not by name.

4. To configuring your M-Audio USB MIDI device for use with FL Studio, click to select the MIDI tab

5. Click to select your device and click the Enable box.

6. Close the Settings window.

FL Studio is now configured for use with your M-Audio devices.  Connect your speakers or headphones to your M-Audio sound card.  You cannot use your computer speakers, or built-in sound card for output.

* This setup procedure is similar across different versions of FL Studio.  For more information on configuring and recording with FL Studio, please consult the FL Studio User Guide, or contact Image-Line tech support.