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MIDI Setup for Digital Performer / FreeMIDI (MacOS 9)
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Setting up your MIDISport or Keystation (or built in MIDI port of an M-Audio audio interface) to work with MOTU's FreeMIDI

1.Make sure that OMS and the Midisport drivers are installed. Once this has been established, let's make sure that VIRTUAL MEMORY is off. This can be found by going to Apple Menu, selecting CONTROL PANELS, and then MEMORY. After doing so, restart your computer.

2. Launch Digital Performer and go to BASICS and then Edit Free Midi Configuration. The following dialog box will appear.

Under Software Compatibility select Allow Other Applications.

Next, check Use OMS when available.

Click OK when you're done.

3. After having selected "Use OMS when available," the following dialog box will appear. Read the instructions and click "OK".

Quit Digital Performer.

4. Next, launch Digital Performer. As it comes up, it will detect that OMS is installed. The following dialog box will appear. Click the OMS button.
5. Once OMS is selected Digital Performer may prompt you that OMS has not been configured. Select SETUP in order to configure OMS.
After OMS has been configured, you should be ready to play!