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Runout Protection
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Since there is only about 12 minutes of usable control signal on each side of the Control Vinyls or on each track of the CD, it is possible that the song you are controlling could exceed the length of control signal available on the record or CD.  This is extremely common when using Relative mode since the needle or CD position could be halfway through when you start the next track.

In order to prevent the music from stopping abruptly if the control signal runs out on the record or CD, Torq features Runout Protection which essentially disables external control when the record or CD reaches the last 30 seconds of its signal.  When this happens, Torq will temporarily disable external control for the Deck while letting the song on the Deck continue to play.  You will be able to take the needle off the record and place it back at the beginning without Torq stopping the music (the same is true for the CD--you can jump back to the beginning of the track without stopping the music).  Once Torq reads a few seconds of signal from the new location, it will re-engage external control again allowing you to scratch and manipulate like normal.

Note: If you are currently in Absolute mode when the last 30 seconds of control signal are reached, Torq will automatically switch the Deck into Relative mode when it engages the Runout Protection.  The Deck will remain in Relative mode after you reset the record or CD, thus prevent the music from jumping to an unexpected location when external control is enabled again.