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Playing Audio CDs (Windows)
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Q: How can I play Audio CDs through a Delta Series card?

A: The Delta Series card does not have an analog connector for CD-ROM drives.  CD-Playback is still possible, even in better quality than when using the analog connectors that are common on consumer audio cards since no CD rotation interference or initialization noises are transmitted to the audio card.  Make sure to use a CD playback application that supports "Digital CD Playback".  Windows Media Player in Version 7.0 or higher and the latest version of WinAmp can be used in this mode.  The latest Real Player also supports this mode.  For most of those applications, “Digital CD Playback” mode is active by default, but this feature may have to be activated manually for some.  Please check the documentation of the CD Playback application for details on how to do this. For WinXP/2000, “Enable digital CD Audio” for your CD-ROM drive has to be enabled in the properties for this device in the Device Manager. In Win98/ME, “DMA if available” has to be activated for the CD-ROM drive.