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Axiom (2nd gen) DirectLink configuration and operating for GarageBand
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DirectLink for the Axiom (2nd gen) keyboards is compatible with GarageBand ’09.  Follow the steps below to install the Axiom DirectLink personality for GarageBand and to get started using the Axiom (2nd gen) keyboard as a control surface in GarageBand. 

Installing the DirectLink Personality

  1. Download Axiom DirectLink for Logic and GarageBand (this one installer is used for both applications) for your operating system from our drivers/updates page at www.m-audio.com/drivers.
  2. If a previous version of DirectLink for GarageBand is installed, double-click to run the uninstaller to remove it.
  3. Double-click the Axiom DirectLink for Logic and GarageBand Installer Package and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version.

Getting Started in GarageBand

The keyboard will automatically be recognized by GarageBand as soon as it is plugged in.  The GarageBand controls are described below:

Track Selection - The Track Down/Up buttons select the previous or next track in your song, within the selected bank of 8 tracks.

Controlling Track Volumes - The 8 faders (49 & 61 key models) control the Volume of Tracks 1-8 respectively.  If there are more than 8 tracks in your song, then you can use the Track Down/Up Buttons with Shift held down to select the previous or next bank of 8 tracks.

Alternatively, the Volume of the selected track is also controlled by encoder 1 (25, 49, & 61 key models).

Mute/Solo Tracks - The 8 buttons below the faders (49 & 61 key models) mute tracks 1-8 by default.  Holding down Button 9 will allow you to Solo tracks with these buttons. 

Alternatively, the 'Mute' button will mute the selected track.  Hold Shift down and press mute to solo.

Master Volume - Fader 9 will control the Master Volume of GarageBand.

Parameters in the selected Track - The 8 encoders map to various parameters in the selected track as follows:

Encoder 1 = Volume
Encoder 2 = Pan
Encoder 3 = Send 1 (most commonly “Echo”)
Encoder 4 = Send 2 (most commonly “reverb”)
Encoder 5 = Low EQ Freq
Encoder 6 = Low EQ Gain
Encoder 7 = Hi EQ Freq
Encoder 8 = Hi EQ Gain

To see all of the parameters within the selected track, expand ‘details’ in the ‘Track info’ pane on the right-hand side of the GarageBand window.  To hear the effects of the knobs, you need to enable “Visual EQ” and the 2 sends effects below (most commonly Echo and reverb).