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Delta Series Setup for Digital Performer 2 (MacOS 9)
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Setting up your Delta to work with MOTU's Digital Performer (Mac)

1. If you haven't already done so, make sure that VIRTUAL MEMORY is off. This can be found by going to Apple Menu, selecting CONTROL PANELS, and then MEMORY. After doing so, restart your computer.

2. Locate ASIO Drivers folder within the Digital Performer 2.7 folder. These should be on your Macintosh Hard Drive.

After doing so, place the ASIO Delta v3 driver in the ASIO Drivers folder. If you own a Delta 1010, it will be the ASIO Delta 1010 v3. If you own a Delta 66, it will be the ASIO Delta 66 v3 driver etc.

3. After placing the ASIO Delta v3 Driver in the ASIO Drivers folder, launch Digital Performer.
Go to Basics. Then MOTU Audio System Options.
Then Configure hardware driver.

Pull down top "window shade" and select ASIO driver and click OK.

4. After having selected the ASIO driver in the Configure Hardware Driver window, the following dialog box will appear. Don't panic...simply click OK.

The Delta is now successfully configured to be used in Digital Performer.