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Axiom AIR Series - Frequently Asked Questions
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My M-Audio Axiom AIR keyboard displays an error on its screen when I launch Ignite. What should I do?


Axiom AIR 25, Axiom AIR 49, or Axiom AIR 61 keyboards running firmware earlier than v1.1 will display S.E.Not.Impl ERRshortly after Ignite is launched.

The Axiom AIR 25, Axiom AIR 49 and Axiom AIR 61 keyboards require updated firmware for use with Ignite 1.1. You must download and install the firmware update prior to using Ignite.

A link to download the firmware is included on the same page that is emailed to you when you request an Ignite download link. We've also included links below:




Do all of the controls on the Axiom AIR automatically work with my recording software or do I have to manually set things up?

The Axiom AIR is a class compliant MIDI device and as such can automatically be used as an instrument with any music creation software or DAW. If you would like to access all of the Knobs, Faders and Transport controls, those can be MIDI mapped to the DAW using MIDI learn function or by installing the Hypercontrol driver.

For more information about the HyperControl feature including an up-to-date list of compatible DAWs, visit:  www.m-audio.com/hypercontrol 


How can I make sure that I have the latest firmware on my Axiom AIR?

When the Axiom AIR boots up the firmware version is displayed on the LCD screen as “Axiom AIR 1.0”. firmware updates usually include improvements over keyboard control, responsivness of drumpads and software integration. If your keyboard is not already running the latest firmware version we recommend downloading and installing the latest version. Please visit the product page for more information on the latest firmware version for your product. 


When should I update the firmware on my Axiom Air?

Each firmware update addresses specific hardware related fixes and improvements. Please be sure to read the firmware change history to determine whether the update affects your setup. Version 1.1 is a recommended update for all Axiom AIR users. Please visit the product page for more information on changes to Firmware versions. 


I don't like using printed instruction manuals, is there an electronic copy that I can read on my computer or tablet?

Yes. Each product page will have PDF version of the User Guide and additional documents that you can download and read on your computer or tablet device. These documents can be found on the product page under the Drivers & Updates/Manuals/FAQs section.


Do the Axiom AIR keyboard controllers require drivers?

In most cases users will not need to install any additional drivers. The Axiom AIR is a class compliant MIDI device and as such can automatically be used as an instrument with any music creation software or DAW. However advanced users may want to install additional drivers for their particular studio setup. Certain windows drivers add ability to gain access to the 5-pin MIDI port and USB simulaniously. When used a class compliant device on Windows computers the controller will be displayed as MIDI-1, and MIDI-2. With drivers it will tell you exactly what MIDI port such as MIDI 5-pin, or MIDI USB. Drivers also make the Hypercontrol work with DAW that supports Hypercontrol. Hyper control is very specific to the hardware controller, and is not for all users. Please note that drivers are not required for troubleshooting latency or other MIDI issues. Additional drivers can be found on the product page under the Drivers & Updates/Manuals/FAQs section. For more information on compatible DAW’s and how to setup up Hypercontrol please visit: www.m-audio.com/hypercontrol


Can I use the Axiom AIR with external MIDI equipment?

Yes. The Axiom AIR can be used to control additional outboard MIDI gear such as Rack Synth Moudules, Drum Machines etc. This will require an addtional power supply that is not included with the Axiom AIR.


Where can I buy an external power supply?

The optional power supply is not included with the Axiom AIR keyboard controller. The Axiom Air uses a 9V DC, 500A, center-pin positive power supply. Alternatively, you can power Axiom AIR via the USB port of your connected computer for software control. 


Can I use with the Axiom AIR with my iPad?

The Axiom AIR is not officially supported as an iOS device but should work with the optional power supply and Apple branded USB camera connection kit. 


What software is included with the Axiom AIR keyboard controller?

All three sizes of the Axiom AIR ship with AIR ignite music creation software. The Axiom AIR 25 is bundled with Ableton Live Lite M-Audio Edition. The 49, and 61 key versions of the Axiom AIR keyboards include Avid's Pro Tools Express, and iLOK for authorization. For more info on AIR ignite please visit: http://www.airmusictech.com/product/ignite


How can I reset my Axiom AIR controller to the original Factory Default settings?

Hold down both OCTAVE buttons on the unit while powering it on.  Continue to hold both OCTAVE buttons until the Axiom AIR controller goes through a Full Reset and the LCD display reads "Done!".