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FireWire Series - When to use the included power supply
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Q: With the exception of the ProFire 2626, ProjectMix I/O and NRV10, M-Audio FireWire interfaces can get their power from the 1394 bus, so why do these interfaces include a power adapter in the box?

A: PC Laptop and desktop users with the I-Link 4-pin 1394 interface need to use the included power adapter provided in order to power an M-Audio FireWire interface for operation on their computers.  If you are connecting your M-Audio FireWire device to a 6-pin connector on your computer, the unit will be powered through the FireWire cable - do NOT use the provided power supply when using a 6-pin connection! *

However, PCMCIA cards with 6-pin connectors are the only exception from this rule.  The PCMCIA bus itself doesn't have the capacity to provide enough power to a FireWire audio interface - even if the PCMCIA FireWire controller card is equipped with 6-pin connectors.  Please DO use the provided power supply when connection your M-Audio FireWire audio interface to a PCMCIA FireWire controller card.

* Note: the ProFire 2626, ProjectMix I/O and NRV10 are exceptions, these devices are not powered by your computer's FireWire bus, and require the included power adapter at all times