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ASIO Multimedia Test (Cubase/Nuendo): Sync Errors
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Q: I get synchronization errors when I run Steinberg's ASIO Multimedia Test. What can I do?

A: Steinberg's ASIO Multimedia Test is designed for soundcards that do not have their own ASIO drivers but can only run using WDM or MME drivers such as onboard soundcards or low budget consumer soundcards.  The ASIO Multimedia Test utility makes it possible to use such WDM or MME based soundcards in Steinberg's (Cubase/Nuendo) ASIO environment.

M-Audio's audio interfaces come with high quality ASIO drivers which can be selected from within Cubase or Nuendo.  We do not recommend using Steinberg's "ASIO Multimedia" mode and therefore advise against running the ASIO Multimedia test utility.  Always use the M-Audio ASIO driver option instead. You can choose this driver from Cubase/Nuendo's Audio Settings Window, e.g. in Cubase in the VST Multitrack or VST Audio Bay section.