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Midisport Anniv Ed - high latency even with low latency settings
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Q: I have a Midisport Anniversary Edition (2x2 or 4x4) device and am experiencing very high latency (up to 2 seconds or more).  I am using an ASIO compatible (PC) or Core Audio compatible (Mac) sound card and have the latency/buffer setting adjusted for low latency, but I cannot get rid of this latency.

A: There is a latency issue that some users may experience with certain MIDi devices which was addressed with a firmware update.  PC Users should install the latest drivers for your specific OS from www.m-audio.com/drivers.  There is a known issue with the current Mac driver (version 3.2.3) wherein this new firmware does not load properly. 

An updated driver for Mac OS X that includes the correct firmware is available as public beta here.  Public beta drivers are available to registered forum users. Forum registration is not linked to product registration. Please visit http://forums.m-audio.com/register to create a free account. 

Please take a moment and respond in the corresponding beta forum with feedback about the update. A quick note if your issue is fixed will help in determining the driver’s suitability for release. For users continuing to experience problems, it is essential to provide detailed system specs and steps to reproduce.

All users should disconnect their device and remove the currently installed drivers before installing the aforementioned drivers.