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How to store presets from your device in Enigma
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This guide will walk you through downloading the memory contents of your M-Audio or Evolution MIDI Controller to be stored on your computer using Enigma.  Click here to see a list of devices that are compatible with Enigma.

Before running Enigma, please ensure you have connected your M-Audio or Evolution Device to the Computer, and have installed any drivers necessary as detailed in your Device’s documentation. 

1. Launch Enigma.  On start up, Enigma will locate your Device and identify it with a red ball icon; in this guide an Oxygen 8 v2 is used.  Click on your Device Bank once to select it.

2. Click the "Download" button (downward pointing arrow) to download the entire memory contents of your device to the Device Bank (red ball icon) in Enigma.

  Mac OS X

Windows  Windows XP

3. SYS will flash on your Device's LCD display, indicating that it is communicating with Enigma.  Windows XP users will receive an additional  confirmation message when complete:

4. Create a new User Bank (also called User Preset File) by clicking the '+' in the bottom left corner of Enigma.  If your device bank is not already selected, click it once to select it before creating a new User Bank.

This new User Bank will appear in the Device List and will contain all "Untitled" presets.  User Banks appear with an orange ball icon.

5. Double-click on this new User Bank to rename it, press Enter/Return to confirm.

6. Click on your Device Bank (red ball icon) again to select it.  Double-click on individual presets to rename them.

7. Click on the first preset in your Device Bank that you want to save to the computer to select it.

8. Copy this preset by pressing Ctrl-C (PC) or Cmd-C (Mac), or by choosing "Copy" from the Edit Menu.

9. Select your User Bank (orange ball icon), then select the first preset location by clicking it once.

10. Paste the preset by pressing Ctrl-V (PC) or Cmd-V (Mac), or by choosing "Paste" from the Edit Menu.

11. Repeat steps 7-10 to copy additional presets from your Device Bank (red ball icon) and paste them into your User Bank (orange ball icon); each time, be sure to select a different preset location (2, 3, 4, etc) to paste each preset to.

12.  This User Bank will automatically be saved when exiting Enigma under Mac OS X.  Windows XP users should select their User Bank and choose "Save" from the File Menu.

This new User Bank will appear in the Device List whenever you launch Enigma.  For more information please refer to the Enigma Manual by choosing "Help Contents" (PC) or "Enigma Help" (Mac) from the Help Menu in Enigma.

For information on how to load different presets to your device from Enigma, check out this tutorial.