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FireWire Series - Known Issues & Workarounds
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This article documents Known Issues and available Workarounds with M-Audio FireWire Series devices including FireWire 410, FireWire 1814, FireWire Audiophile, NRV10, Ozonic, ProFire Lightbridge, ProjectMix I/O, and FireWire Solo.  If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please check our Knowledge Base for a solution. For additional assistance, contact tech support, or check our User Forum.

FireWire Series - General

Issue: MID Input is not released when exiting Sibelius.

Workaround: Restart the computer.

Device Specific Known Issues & Workarounds

FireWire 410
Issue: The mute function on the SPDIF Out channel of the Output Tab in the FireWire control panel doesn't mute the SPDIF out.
Workaround: None.
Issue: FW1814 drivers do not allow Cubase to fully close on exit under Windows 7 32 SP1.
Workaround: After exiting Cubase, power off the FW1814.

Issue: On some systems, rapid repeated clicking may be required to change the Digital Port selection on the Hardware tab of the FireWire control panel.
Workaround: None.
ProFire Lightbridge
Issue: After the initial installation of the ProFire Lightbridge, the firmware update process can take up to 2 hours.
Workaround: None. If the updating firmware dialog box does not go away, wait at least 2 hours, and then restart the computer. The firmware should be updated and the device is ready to use.
Issue: The ProFire Lightbridge is not able to sync to external word clock at 88.2 or 96k sample rates
Workaround: None. At 88.2 or 96k, ADAT sync must be used.
ProjectMix I/O
Issue: ProjectMix I/O MIDI Application is not compatible current operating system releases including Vista 64, Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6. Attempting to update the control surface firmware on current operating systems can render the ProjectMix inoperable.
Workaround: The ProjectMix has been shipping with the latest control surface for more than 4 years. See this FAQ for more information.

Issue: Stuck/Dropped MIDI notes may occur when inputting MIDI to the ProjectMix from a device that outputs Active Sensing or MIDI clock messages.
Workaround: Disable Active Sensing or clock messages on the external device, or use a different MIDI interface.

Issue: ProjectMix I/O drivers do not allow Cubase to fully close on exit under Windows 7 32 SP1.
Workaround: After exiting Cubase, power off the ProjectMix I/O.

Issue: ProjectMix I/O Control Surface MIDI Port is not recognized on some Windows 7 64-bit systems, and therefore the PMI/O is not able to function as a control surface.
Workaround: Follow the steps posted here to resolve this issue.

Issue: ProjectMix I/O scribble strip display errors with Logic 9 with 1.9.3 driver. When used with Logic, characters stick and appear to overlap under some situations.
Workaround: This issue is fixed in driver version 1.10.2 and above.  Dwnload the latest version for your operating system from www.m-audio.com/drivers.