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Delta Series, Windows XP Installation
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Delta Series Installation Instructions for Windows XP*

This guide is a walk through for installing the driver for all Delta Series PCI sound cards in Windows XP*.

* Home and Professional Edition only.  Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.

If this is the first time you are installing the drivers, do not install the Delta PCI card to your computer yet!  The driver installer should be run first!  If you are updating a previous installation, it is OK to leave the Delta PCI card installed.

1. Download the latest Delta Series driver from the M-Audio drivers/updates page and save it to your Desktop.

If this is the first time you are installing a Delta Series driver on your computer, please skip to step 4 of this guide.

If a Delta Series driver is currently installed on your system, it will need to be removed before a new driver can be installed.  In this case, launching the installer file will allow you to "Remove" the previous installation.  When first launching the driver file, if a window opens indicating that the publisher cannot be verified, always click "Run".

2. Click "Next" to Remove the drivers:


3. All driver files are being removed from your computer.  Once this process is complete, you will be informed that the Maintenance (driver removal) is complete.  Click "Finish" to close this application.

4. Double-click the downloaded driver installation file (again).  The following window will open:

5. Click "Next".  The License Agreement window will appear (see below):

6. Carefully read the license agreement, then put the radio button next to "I accept the terms of the license agreement", click "Next" to continue and "Install" in the window that opens after this.

7. At various points in this installation process, you may be notified that the driver being installed has not passed Windows Logo Testing.  Click “Continue Anyway” to proceed with the installation.

8. Choose "Yes, Power off my computer to install hardware" and click "Finish".  Your computer will shut down automatically.

9. Once the computer has completely shut down, disconnect its power cable and open its case.

10. Press the Delta Series card firmly into an available PCI slot.  PCI slots are white.  Do not plug the Delta card into a slot of any other color.

11. Secure the Delta card in place and close your computer’s case.

12. Connect the breakout cable or breakout box to the connector on the Delta Series card. For Delta 66 & Delta 1010 users, plug in the included power supply at this time.

13. Turn on your computer.

14. When the computer finishes booting up, it will display a “Found New Hardware” window.

If you have Service Pack 2 installed on your computer (which is required by most recent drivers, you will be asked if you want to search the Internet for a driver. Select “No, not this time” and press “Next”. You will then see the screen below

15. "Install the software automatically" is already checked.  Leave it like that and click "Next".  The driver files will now be copied to your computer.  Again, click "Continue Anyway" whenever you see a "Windows Logo Testing" message during this installation.

16 . Click "Finish" when you see the following screen:

17. Connect the outputs of your Delta interface to your speakers, mixer, or other amplification device so you can hear the output of the card.

Once you have completed the installation procedure above, a small “M-Audio” icon will be visible in your system tray (shown below).  Double-click this icon to launch the Delta Control Panel.  If you have completed both the software and hardware installation properly, the Delta Control Panel will open without problems.