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Keystation 49e/61es/88es, KeyRig 49, KeyStudio 49 - Reprogramming the Volume Slider
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As with the Modulation Wheel, the Volume Slider on the Keystation 49e, 61es, 88es, KeyRig 49, and KeyStudio 49 can be assigned to any of the 131 MIDI CC's listed at the end of the keyboard's manual.

To assign the Volume Slider to a different MIDI CC:

  • Press the Advanced Functions button to engage Edit Mode.
  • Press the black key above D4 (named D# 4), representing “SLIDER ASSIGN.”
  • Use the Numerical Data Entry keys G3-B4 to enter the number of the effect you want to assign to the Volume Slider.

Alternatively, you can use the “+” and “-” buttons to change the value.

  • Press the ENTER key (C5).
  • Move the Volume Slider upwards to increase the value of the effect.

If you have made an error while entering the numerical data value, you can press the “CANCEL” key (C1) to exit Edit Mode without changing the effect assigned to the Volume Slider.

Note that each time the keyboard is turned off, the data assigned to the Volume Slider will be lost. Each time the keyboard is powered up, the Volume Slider will be assigned to volume (effect number 07) by default.