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Can I adjust or disable the touch sensitivity or velocity curve on my keyboard?
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Q: Can I adjust/disable the touch sensitivity or velocity curve on my M-Audio MIDI controller keyboard?

A: Only the Keystation Pro 88, Ozonic, ProKeys 88, ProKeys 88sx, Trigger Finger, Keystation Mini 32, Axiom Series, and Oxygen Series (silver & blue) keyboards have adjustable velocity curves.  Please refer to your device's user guide for details on changing velocity curves.  All other M-Audio MIDI controller keyboards have a fixed velocity curve (touch sensitivity) and cannot be adjusted or disabled.  If you have a keyboard with a fixed velocity curve that you are using with a computer, check your DAW software for MIDI plug-ins that may be able to offset or lock the velocity for you (e.g. Ableton Live's MIDI Velocity effect/plug-in).